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If you love the beauty and poetry of traditional liturgy, but seek a modern inclusive theology where everyone is fully accepted We have what you are looking for! Our mission at at Ascension by the Sea is to help each of us on our own personal journey to spiritual fulfillment. We must each make our own journey, but we can benefit from each others' spiritual experiences and the learning and wisdom of those who have gone before us. Who Are We? We are a fully sacramental and independent Catholic Church and Liturgical Community. We are not affiliated with the Church of Rome. We are affiliated with the Ascension Catholic Alliance, one of the largest Independent Catholic Communities in the United States. We do not simply tolerate... we fully accept! Our Church is open and affirming to all. Come and celebrate the joy of worship with us ... you are most welcome, regardless of your previous religious affiliation! Where Are We and When Do We Worship? Click here What is Independent Catholicism? Good Question..... Click here to learn more. What if I.......??? There are simply no "what if's" in Ascension by the Sea. You are a child of God and welcome at our table. We believe that each of us is created in God's diverse image. All are welcome at our table, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation. Looking for a Spiritual Home? A modern, supportive and loving community awaits you. Come visit us or call for more information. Contact Information Telephone: (772) 242-0606  (Treasure Coast)                     Click here for our brochure in English (561) 906-1452  (Palm Beaches) (954) 567-1930  (Wilton Manors)                                                                                          Postal address: coming soon.. please click here to email us Electronic mail: Our Parish Prayer God, loving and ever present; transform us to live your word more profoundly and to share your gifts with others. Reconcile us so enemies become friends. Nurture our relationships, enliven our parish, and unite our families. Fill us with joy to celebrate the fullness of life. Empower us to be a community of love, growing always in your likeness. And when we leave this holy place, remind us that we are Christ to the world. Marriage - Holy Union - Commitment Ceremonies - Renewal of Vows? At Ascension by the Sea we do not judge! The love that two people have for each other is far more important than race, sexual orientation, previous marital situations or any form of religious control. Our  clergy is available to help you and your loved one unite in the eyes of God. We can offer a quiet and hassle-free location for all types of ceremonies, or we can accommodate your needs at the location of your choice. Click here for more information. Fully Sacramental We are a fully sacramental catholic church, at your service for all your spiritual needs. Click here for more information.

Ascension by the Sea

An independent catholic community

A Proud Member of the Ascension Catholic Alliance

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