Sacraments and Services We are a fully functional and fully sacramental catholic church, not affiliated with the church of Rome, with a special ministry to all those who have been oppressed, forgotten, overlooked, or spurned by their prior or current religious affiliation. You need not be a member  of our church, or any church. if you are in need of spiritual advice or counseling, or require the presence of a priest for any of the following, please feel free to contact us. Baptism Confession Marriage, Holy Union, or Commitment Ceremonies Renewal of Vows House Blessings Memorial Services & Burials Anointing of the Sick or Dying Need a Priest? Have a question or comment Send us a message Or, in an emergency, call: 804 402 7069

Our Ministries

 Ascension By the Sea  and our affiliated members, individually and / or collectively, include

ongoing or periodic work at / in assisted living facilities, work with local hospices, chaplaincy

work (including chapels),  helping children in dependency proceedings, assisting migrants,

pastoral counseling, prison outreach, private and public prayer, and otherwise serving the

marginalized here and abroad.

Please share your faith, gifts, and talents in furthering our ministries."

Sacraments and Services
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